Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator (Pump)


Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator (Pump)

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Product description

First. Introduction:
This series of products using fully enclosed air-cooled refrigeration compressor and microcomputer intelligent control system, providing low-temperature circulating cooling water (liquid) flow or low temperature water (liquid) flow to meet the cooling water and the cryogenic liquid to cool or heated equipment; the volume may be more directly in the chamber with a cryostat experiments, the chemical reaction can be carried out at low temperature multi-functional, biological response, the drug reaction. Widely used to study petroleum, chemical industry, electronic instruments, physical, chemical, biological engineering, medicine, life science, light food, universities, enterprise quality inspection, physical testing and chemical analysis
Second, the performance characteristics:
● fully enclosed air-cooled compressor refrigeration, computer control system to automatically turn on the refrigeration, refrigeration systems with delay, overheating, over-current protection devices, such as multiple.
● circulating cooling liquid in the tank can pump output, cooling or temperature machine outside the test vessel or a second temperature field.
● After the computer has a timer function, turn this feature can be set timer off time from 0 to 100 hours.
● Dual LED window displays temperature settings and temperature measurements, digital resolution of 0.1 ℃, the computer can be modified temperature measurement error, so that digital display accuracy of 0.1 ℃.
● having a microcomputer software lock feature to lock the value of the system parameter setting, unrelated persons can not change the set parameters.
● All of the above operations are pressing touch soft keys on the PC intelligent control device complete, easy to operate.
● product easy to use, can work continuously.
Third, the technical parameters: 




Minimum working temperature


Temperature accuracy


Cold tank volume


Cooling capacity (mm3)


Circulation pump flow rate (L / min)


Limit temperature (mm2)


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