Ultra-low Temperature Thermostatic Bath


Ultra-low Temperature Thermostatic Bath

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Product description

First. Introduction:

DC series low temperature thermostat bath using the latest international advanced CFC-free refrigeration system, the main components are imported products, stable and reliable performance. Widely used in chemical, oil, medicine, biology. Field of physical chemistry, metrology, universities, electronic instruments, research institutions and other experiments, testing and production of a hot and cold controlled, uniform temperature properties of test samples of products or production or test constant temperature test, constant bad automatic control system uses PID control, LED digital display, it can be put outside circulation pump liquid out bad thermostat output, rub stand outside the second thermostat bad field, expand the scope of use.

Second, the performance characteristics:

● fully enclosed air-cooled compressor refrigeration, cooling speed, low noise, easy operation.

● circulating cooling liquid in the tank can pump output, cooling or temperature machine outside the test vessel or a second temperature field.

● After the computer has a timer function, turn this feature can be set timer off time from 0 to 100 hours.

● The LED window displays temperature settings and temperature measurements, digital resolution of 0.01 ℃, the computer can be modified temperature measurement error, so that digital display accuracy of 0.01 ℃.

● having a microcomputer software lock feature to lock the value of the system parameter setting, unrelated persons can not change the set parameters.

● With over-temperature alarm system to ensure equipment safety.

● do level alarm and drainage systems.

Third, the technical parameters:




Temperature rang


Temperature fluctuation


Digital Resolution


Working tank volume (mm3)


Groove depth (mm)


Circulation pump flow rate (L / min)


Working slot opening (mm2)


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