Low-temperature Thermostatic Bath


Low-temperature Thermostatic Bath

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Product description

First. Introduction:

DC series low temperature thermostat bath using the latest international advanced CFC-free refrigeration system, the main components are imported products, stable and reliable performance. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, physical, chemical, biological engineering, medicine, life science, light food, physical testing and chemical analysis study door, universities, corporate quality control and production departments, as users work providing a hot and cold controlled, uniform and constant temperature liquid environment, the test samples or production of products constant temperature test or test, but also as direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling of the heat or cold source.

Second, the performance characteristics:

Using environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigeration technology, in line with environmental requirements.

High quality fully enclosed air-cooled compressor refrigeration, low noise

Totally enclosed fan cooled compressor refrigeration system with overheating, automatic overload protection

With power protection function, automatic delay three minutes

Large-screen LCD display for easy and intuitive understanding of the work of state

Touch softkeys can be quickly set temperature, easy to operate.

Fuzzy control theory, automatic identification of the difference between the set temperature and the ambient temperature

Confirm whether a single heating or cooling heating simultaneously, so as to achieve energy saving

Intelligent self-tuning PID control function automatically adjusts the

Upper and lower temperature alarm can be set

With over-temperature alarm system to ensure equipment safety.

High quality stainless steel liner

Provided with an external circulation pump, the thermostat can be established outside the machine a second field

Cooling liquid tank can lead outside, cooler outside the experimental container

Third, the technical parameters:




Temperature rang


Temperature fluctuation


Digital Resolution


Working tank volume (mm3)


Groove depth (mm)


Circulation pump flow rate (L / min)


Working slot opening (mm2)



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