High and low temperature thermostat


High and low temperature thermostat

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Product description

First, product introduction:

High and low temperature constant temperature tank product design advanced and reasonable, can adapt to long-term, stable, safe and reliable test requirements. easy to use, the implementation of liquid crystal soft keys, more concise and intuitive. Precision and temperature uniformity. This equipment is specially designed for chemical industry, medicine, colleges and universities using high and low temperature reaction kettle device. The equipment has the advantages of small size, humanized design, large refrigeration capacity, fast heating and cooling speed, stable fluctuation and so on. Adopting advanced design concepts abroad is leading position in China.

Two, performance characteristics:

●Adopt the color microcomputer intelligent control system, which is fast in temperature rise, stable in temperature and easy to operate.

●PID output control, automatic search or manual adjustment function.

●The window LED is used to display the temperature setting value and the temperature measurement value. The digital display resolution is 0.01 C. The microcomputer can correct the deviation of the temperature measurement value and make the digital display accuracy reach 0.01 C.

●It has the function of computer software lock, which can lock the set values of all parameters of the system, and can not change the set parameters by irrelevant personnel.

Fault alarm and cause prompt function, temperature upper limit protection function.

High temperature and low temperature bypass bypass system is opened, cooling compressor is used to protect compressor.

When the temperature reaches +25 degrees, the bypass is closed, and the cooling rate becomes larger.

Forced cooling of high temperature cryogenic compressor and dynamic balance between electric heating and electric cooling with small fluctuation

The product is easy to use and can work continuously.


Three, technical parameters:





Temperature range(℃)


Temperature fluctuation(℃)


Heating time:

-30→+150℃<50min no load.

The cooling time:

+150-30℃   ≤70min no load.



Storage chamber


Circulating pump flow(L/min)


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