Variable Frequency Constant Temperature Shaking Incubator


Variable Frequency Constant Temperature Shaking Incubator

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Product description

The main technical parameters:
1, temperature range: room temperature + 3 ℃ -55 ℃
2, the temperature fluctuation: ± 0.1 ℃.
3, rotational frequency: 20-350rpm.
4, paddle size: 920 × 500 (MM).
5, Swing Number: 1
6, Dimensions: 1200 × 650 × 740 (MM).
7, heating power: 400W
8, the maximum capacity: Class can be equipped flask 250ml × 36,500ml × 28,1000ml × 18.
9, the standard configuration: can be equipped with 500ml × 28.
10 Power requirements: 220 ± 22V, 50 ± 0.5HZ
11, features: BHWY series frequency constant temperature shaker, automatically controlled incubator and connected to the rotating oscillator integrated, frequency conversion products for the world's most advanced control methods - frequency, breaking the traditional control method.
● the most advanced frequency control method (saving 30-60%)
● PID output control.
● with blue liquid crystal display system, small footprint, carrying large bottles.
● Start speed wind speed, but red, smooth acceleration, instantaneous start and stop the machine does not throw the bottle, to ensure the safety of the sample.
● light noise, wide speed range, low repair rate ills.
● Encryption lock operating parameters / memory function, according to the swing set Beijing time, with overheating, over-temperature protection device.
● You can set different speeds depending on the time.
● left CO2, humidity, RS485 interface window functions, real-time control, auto-dimming, a multi-purpose machine, truly become a product over the value of the error.

BHWY series frequency shaker, widely used in the temperature, the oscillation frequency with the bacteria in culture, fermentation, hybridization, and biochemical reactions and organize study cells in medicine, biology, molecular, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other research applications have extensive and important applications.

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