Variable Frequency Full-temperature Shaking Incubator


Variable Frequency Full-temperature Shaking Incubator

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Product description

1, temperature range: 3-55 ℃
2, the temperature fluctuation: ± 0.1 ℃.
3. Turn the frequency: 20-350 rpm.
4. Shake board feet: 500 * 350 (MM).
5. shimmy amplitude: 26MM
6. The number of paddle: 2
7. Dimensions: 700 * 590 * 1230 (MM).
8, heating power: 400W
9. Standard configuration: 250ml * 24
10. Maximum capacity: Class can be equipped flask 100ml * 48,250ml * 24,500ml * 24
11. Power requirements: 220 ± 22V, 50 ± 0.5HZ

First, the instrument introduction
    BHWY Series Frequency constant temperature (over temperature) shaker (also known as shaking culture) will automatically controlled incubator and connected to the rotating oscillator integrated, frequency conversion products for the world's most advanced control methods - frequency, break through the traditional control method.
    Sound BHWY series of products with luxury machine modeling, instrument temperature, frequency and other indicators have a high-precision control capability / light alarm.
Second, the application
    BHWY series frequency shaker, widely used in the temperature, the oscillation frequency with the bacteria in culture, fermentation, hybridization, and biochemical reactions and organize study cells in medicine, biology, molecular, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other research applications have extensive and important applications.

Third, the main technical features and technical characteristics
1, with low power consumption, low mechanical noise, high precision temperature control, speed without deviation; the most advanced frequency control method (saving 30-60%)
2, three-dimensional self-balancing eccentric wheel drive mechanism, Ping Heng run more freely.
3, intelligent sound / light alarm environmental scanning micro-processing controller.
4, a friendly man-machine interface design, large screen backlit blue LCD display.
5. Encryption lock operating parameters, to avoid human errors.
6, with the operating parameters memory save function can avoid the tedious operation.
7, high-precision temperature control system, under special circumstances precision can reach ± ??0.1 ℃, the LCD display shows the actual operating temperature.
8, automatic defrost system to ensure that the device can run continuously for a long time at a low temperature state.
9, high-precision frequency speed control system, the accuracy of ± 1rpm, the LCD display can be found at the frequency set speed and actual speed frequency.
10, with a timing function, arbitrarily set between 1 minute to 30 days incubation time, the LCD display timing point in time, according to the swing set Beijing time, with overheating, over-temperature protection device. Arrival timing of the end, the device automatically shut down audible / visual alarm.
11, the unique design of the AC induction motor drive long life, wide speed, constant torque, constant speed, brushless, maintenance-free.
12, unique motor overheating of the heating element out of control when the temperature automatic power-off protection, automatic power-off device and an audible alarm.
13, has since stopped Uncovery protection.
14, the temperature is higher than the upper limit temperature protection or temperature lower than the lower limit temperature protection, automatic power-off device and an audible alarm.
15, strong rapid cooling system.
16, with a pneumatic supporting bar, to ensure a large-screen glass doors open more safe and convenient.
17, electronically controlled adjustable closed loop heating and cooling system, quiet fan design.
18, flexible and convenient, a wide variety of detachable paddle accessories.
19, full of streamlined design aesthetic luxury machine modeling, table EFI firm plastic box, big screen windows.
20, mirror stainless steel, stainless steel electropolishing rocker panels, spring, flask clip.
21, he left a CO2, humidity, RS485 interface window functions, real-time control, auto-dimming, a multi-purpose machine, truly become a product over the value of the error.
22, according to the swing set Beijing time, with overheating, over-temperature protection device; can be set to different speeds depending on the time.

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