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Product description

Product description:
Swing also called cyclotron oscillator is based on the views of the majority of users, new products and technical personnel carefully designed. Widely used in all tertiary institutions in the laboratory, environmental protection, scientific research, health, disease prevention, petroleum, chemical, and other units, it has the appearance generous, large capacity, low noise, light weight, small size and other characteristics, speed adjustable, and with timing means there is an ideal laboratory staff the necessary tools.

Technical Parameters:
Work: roundabout way
Display: LED display
Rotation frequency: 40-300 rpm stepless automatically keep
Frequency accuracy: ± 1 rpm
Maximum capacity: 8 × 250mL flask or 50mL × 16
Power: Motor 80W, control power 20W, 100W total power machine
Noise: 300 r / time machine at 1 meter from the front A-level noise <60db
Shake plate size: 420 × 340mm
Shimmy magnitude: ¢ 20-26mm
Dimensions: 420 × 340 × 200
Instrument Weight: 30kg
Power: 220 ± 22V, 50 ~ 60HZ

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