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Product description

Product description:
Open double-decker high-capacity shaker, is a biopharmaceutical research applications in pre-production or mass production needs and developed an equipment. The device is widely used in bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-fermentation, food, plants and other research applications.
Instrument features:
● exquisite craftsmanship, to ensure a more stable and reliable mechanical operation
● Movement of high quality cast iron and NSK Bearings more rugged mechanical
● AC induction motor and long life, wide speed, constant torque, constant speed, carbon-free, maintenance-free
● unique motor overheating, automatic power-off protection device temperature abuse
● electrostatic spray cabinet, stainless steel electropolished spring, flask clip
● Machine quiet design
● five sections of programmable settings, you can simulate the temperature and velocity curve control (custom)
● selectable output temperature recorder, mini-printer or select the RS232 interface and PC communication, remote control (custom)
The main technical parameters:
Work: roundabout way
Display: LED display
Rotation frequency: 20-300 rpm stepless automatically keep
Frequency accuracy: ± 1 rpm
Standard capacity: 250ml × 70 flasks or 500ml × 48
Power: 200W
Noise: 300 r / time machine at 1 meter from the front A-level noise <60db
Timing range: 0-999 hours
Shake plate size: 800 × 600mm
Number of paddle: 2
Shimmy magnitude: ¢ 50mm
Dimensions: 900 × 640 × 780mm
Instrument Weight: 150kg
Power: 220 ± 22V, 50 ~ 60HZ

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