Intelligent Mold Incubator MJX-600


Intelligent Mold Incubator MJX-600

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Product description

1. Volume: 600L
2. Temperature
  Control range: 0-50 ℃ (long-term use temperature controlled at 8-50 ℃)
  Fluctuation: ≤ ± 0.5 ℃
  Deviation: ≤ ± 1.5 ℃
  Unevenness: ≤ ± 1.5 ℃
3. Heating time: 0 ℃ rose to 40 ℃ ≤80 minutes
4. Size
Liner Size: 1200 * 530 * 900
Dimensions: 1265 * 595 * 1640
5. Cooling time: 40 ℃ dropped to 10 ℃ ≤120 minutes
6. Working environment: temperature 5-30 ℃, humidity 85% RH or less, non-corrosive gases
7. The compressor rotor time delay protection time: 3 minutes
8. Operating mode: Continuous operation (intermittent operation of the compressor)
9. Noise: ≤70db
10. Power Requirements: 220V (range 187V-246V), 50HZ
11. Disinfection power: 15-30W range

  MJX series of intelligent mold incubator used in today's world of advanced microcomputer technology, programmable control. Elegant appearance, special craft. Generous appearance, excellent insulation properties.
● Microcomputer automatic control, touch switch, easy to operate.
● can set your own or discontinuous control, given time and temperature.
● PID output control.
● Power off memory, power-down time automatic compensation.
● temperature control system, fast response, high precision temperature control.
● ventilation duct, studio soft wind, temperature uniformity.
● employing a reflective tempered coated glass, good thermal insulation performance, nice.
● ultra mild abnormal sensor protection, ensure that the instrument and sample security.
● suitable for plant seed germination, cultivation and breeding, insects, small animal husbandry, timber, building materials performance testing.

MJX series of intelligent mold incubator not only has excellent control performance and anti-jamming capability, but can also select the contact work or regular work, meet different animals and plants and their various growth. Preservation of biological preservation needs.

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