Low Temperature and Humidity Storage Cabinet and Seed Cabinet


Low Temperature and Humidity Storage Cabinet and Seed Cabinet

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Product description


1. product description

ZD series low humidity cabinets seed used in today's world of advanced microcomputer technology, programmable control. In the cabinet of a variety of parameters (including humidity, temperature, and time) setting, press the set request long run. Sophisticated manufacturing technology, all stainless steel casing, foamed insulation, generous appearance, excellent insulation properties. 

2. Features:

● Full automatic microcomputer control to set the inside temperature, humidity, time and other indicators to ensure low temperature and humidity chamber

● Chinese LCD digital display inside temperature, humidity (optional LCD touch screen control)

● defrost control system, delay, over-temperature alarm, automatic dehumidification, the time difference correction, UV sterilization, safe and reliable

● Stainless steel inner, outer cabinet, cooling structure is not air-cooled frost.

● number of security features (electric shock, leakage, overload, overcurrent, extended compressor start)

● Scope: seeds, medicines, etc. storage 

III. Specifications

1. temperature:

Control range: 0-10 ℃

Fluctuation: ≤ ± 1 ℃

2. humidity:

Control Range: 30% ~ 65% RH

Fluctuation: ± 5% RH

3. the heating time: 0 ℃ rose to 40 ℃ ≤80 minutes

4. cooling time: 40 ℃ dropped to 10 ℃ ≤120 minutes

5. the working environment: temperature 4-10 ℃, humidity 50%, non-corrosive gases

6. The compressor rotor time delay protection time: 3 minutes

7. Working mode: Continuous operation (intermittent operation of the compressor)

8. Noise: ≤70db

9 Power Requirements:. 220V (range 187V-246V), 50HZ






Seed cryogenic storage cabinets



1000LTemperature 0-10 , humidity 50% RH, with sterilization, stainless steel door.

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