Cold Light Plant Growth Chamber 260L


Cold Light Plant Growth Chamber 260L

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Product description


1. Volume: 260 L

2. Size

Dimensions: 700 * 600 * 1830 Interior Dimension: 480 * 430 * 1250

3. The outer casing steel spray insulation using polyurethane foam 6 cm

4. stainless steel liner plate

5. Stainless steel bracket

6. Temperature range: -15 ~ 50 ℃, there is light 0-50 ℃

Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.2 ℃, the temperature deviation: ± 1.5 ℃

7. The temperature unevenness: ≤1.5 ℃

8. Humidity control range: 50% ~ 95% RH, humidity fluctuation: ± 2% RH (supranational standard)

9. Illumination: Built-story vertical light, using imported LED Grow Light, a total of two light board. Light intensity 0-50000LX, red 0-8000LX, light plate size: 400 * 400. Timing can be separately controlled, switching between, LED lamp board waterproof, anti-corrosion properties.

10. Warm-up time: 10 ℃ was raised to 40 ℃ to 100 minutes

11. Cooling time: 40 ℃ dropped to 10 ℃ to 100 minutes

12. Heating power: 600W

13. The imported compressor, compressor power: 400W, move the compressor delay protection time: about 3 minutes to open the refrigerant: R134a (CFC-free) Noise: <70Db

14. frequency ultrasonic humidification, each floor has a mist outlet, a built-in humidifier, the level of air circulation.

More than 15 touch screen, 20 programmable segment, LCD display, touch screen control, record and display the temperature and humidity curves for three months, you can download data with a USB interface, you can set the time of the acquisition. Shrink screen with password function to prevent misuse.

16. The Working mode: continuous operation, there are energy-saving mode and precise mode two operation modes

17. Working environment: Temperature -10 ~ 50 ℃ humidity 85% RH or less, non-corrosive gases

18. Power: 220 ± 22V, 50 ± 0.5HZ

19. cabinets vertical irradiation light source, the use of conventional 50,000 LX, LX as over 50,000 more than when using only one, namely the top light (ultra bright because when the heat is too large, easy to make the case temperature does not drop down)

20. The light source can be stepless dimming, build dedicated plants cold light, stepless adjustable

21. Reserved oxygen, nitrogen Interface

22. The box can be installed drip irrigation equipment, regular quantitative dosing, water the plant remain valid.

23. with USB interface, with download or copy data function, you can also connect the computer to see the results

24. The control can be equipped with carbon dioxide

CO2 concentration 280-5000PPM, accuracy 50% PPM

25. The phone features an alarm function (can be set to three phone numbers SMS alerts)

26. From the date of the factory warranty period of 3 years, maintenance of life.

Product description:

Cold light plant incubator as the fourth generation of new plant growth light source, with energy saving, safe, reliable, long life, short response time, small size, light weight, less heat is different from many, easily dispersed, or a combination of other electrical control characteristics of the source. It is one of the various wavelengths of light equipment for biological research training and the best.

Light is one of the basic factors of plant growth and development. Light quality on plant growth, morphogenesis, photosynthesis, metabolism and regulation of gene expression have. By adjusting the light quality, control plant growth and morphogenesis is an important technology in the field of cultivation.


Above instrument control for the touch screen LCD display, can add another band of carbon dioxide (0-5000PPM) plus 12,000 yuan, an increase of cold light source 6000 yuan / block, light source 9000 yuan / piece, each additional shade (light) plus 16,000 yuan / color. Special maximum light intensity can be customized --- can do 100 000 LX, plus the strong cold light source on the basis of $ 50,000, in addition with a USB data download function plus 8000 yuanKey Words :

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