Super Thermostatic Bath


Super Thermostatic Bath

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Product description

First. Introduction:
SC Series CNC super-heated water tank using computer intelligent control system, with a circulation pump, is built of high-precision temperature heating source, both small constant temperature circulating water tank machine function, the tank can be heated liquid outer lead to establish The second constant field. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, physical, chemical, biological engineering, medicine, life science, light food, physical testing and chemical analysis and other research institutes, universities, enterprises and production quality inspection departments, work for the user providing a hot and cold controlled, uniform and constant temperature liquid environment.

Second, the performance characteristics:

● using color microcomputer intelligent control system, rapid heating, temperature stability, easy to operate

● PID control output can be automatically or manually adjust the search functions

● water oil dual-use: room temperature ~ 100 ℃, room temperature ~ 200 ℃, with over-temperature alarm system to ensure the safety of the instrument

● LED double window numbers were significant temperature measurements and temperature setpoint, digital resolution of 0.01 ℃, easy button operation

● can be inside and outside the loop, the inner loop to ensure a constant temperature uniformity, the tank circulation pump can be heated liquid outer lead to heat or temperature machine outside the test device

● Optional cold water circulation means, which leads to rapid cooling system for internal water, suitable for high temperature thermal reaction decentralized temperature control

● precision temperature oil bath suitable for electronic detection, chemical reactions, high temperature distillation, the semiconductor industry.

Third, the technical parameters:




Temperature range

Room temperature100

Temperature fluctuation


Working tank volumemm3


Working slot openingmm2


Groove depthmm)


Circulation pump flowL/min


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